Our Mission @ Training Basket

Training Basket works on a single motto that says “Qualify for Tomorrow“. It is noticeable that while the students are training for a technology or a module, that particular expertise are no more highly required by the corporates when the student actually goes out in the market for job.

We make sure that all our students are made aware of the latest technology trends and that when they go out in the job market, they are the top most qualified candidates for the position. We aim at doing so through a balanced arrangement of technology and skill. We aim to bridge the gap between the corporates seeking out for the students and students who are looking for a satisfactory job and thus for a win-win situation for all the people.

At Training Basket, we take proud in ourself for maintaining our position in the whole educational ecosystem as the top quality training provider in “specialized technologies” and thus being able to get the best placement package available for our students in blue chip companies.

TrainingBasket Noida not only teaches the students, but also take corporate workshops and conducts various teaching programmes to promote the build up of adequate and devoted professionals for practice and cultivation which thus develops and distributes knowledge and grasp out to the larger association through continuation, at the national, provincial and international levels.

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Training Basket ’s strong growth is being driven by the leadership team, who have several years of delivery management experience under their belt, together with a highly-experienced, process-driven, dedicated team focused on Customer Success and Trainer Engagement.

TrainingBasket team works at delivering the best technical training and facilities. We provoke new knowledge by alluring in cutting-edge research and to bolster students and expert expansion by offering assorted training programs. To commence collative projects which endeavor contingency for long-term cooperation with academe and organizations.

In addition, global technology leaders like Red Hat and Times of India (TSW) have chosen TrainingBasket as their master certified training partner to deliver their authentic, certified training, to enterprises and IT professionals across India.

“Training Basket perceive and value the unlikeness, assortment, and morality of every individual”