Terms & Conditions

Admission of a candidate in a particular course will be confirmed after paying course fee or installment at-least 3 Days before the course commencement date. If a batch is declared full, even if a candidate is registered, First Come First Serve method will be implemented for selection of candidates in a particular batch and rest of the candidates will be considered as advance registrations for next upcoming batch for the same course. If a candidate is willing to change his/her batch, will have to submit a written application in hard copy or email us requesting the same. Management will provide him/her a seat in the next batch. It is worth to mention fees paid after registration shall not be refunded in any case because it involves several costs(lead cost , taxes , consultation , etc ) associated with the same. Hence it is requested to take confirm decision before taking up admission.

Student will be given original receipt of fee paid, on the spot. If person in management refuse to give receipt due to any reason, student can refuse to pay the fee or complaint the higher management. Student has rights to not to pay the fee, if management is not providing him/her original receipt for the payment for any reason.

Request for change in fee payment date, will be entertained with the permission of higher management.

The Registration Fee and GST component of the fee paid by student will not be refunded under any circumstances. If a new student cancelled his/her enrollment 7 or more calendar days before the scheduled start day of the class, the new student is entitled to full refund of the fee*. But if a new student cancels his/her registration 1-6 days before course commencement date, he/she will be entitled to refund only 50% of the fee, after deduction of taxes and registration fee. Any other request of cancellation or refunds will not be entertained.

Cancellation & Refunds: Classroom Training

Training Basket, reserves the right to postpone/cancel an event, or change the location of an event because of insufficient enrolment, instructor illness or force-majeure events (like floods, earthquakes, political instability, etc.)

Cancellation & Refunds: Online Classroom Training

The refund request will not be accepted if you have attended the online classroom training for more than 1 day’s session or you have downloaded course material from the learning portal.

Note: All refunds will be processed within 20 working days of receipt of the refund request. No refund will be provided on discounted courses. If the student doesn’t turn up on the given schedule, then no refund will be provided. Raise refund request within 7 days of commencement of the first session. Any refund request beyond 7 days of purchasing the course will not be accepted and no refund will be provided.

Cancellation of Admissions:

Admission of a student will be considered as cancelled under the following circumstances:

1. Failure in attendance of 4 consecutive classes, without prior permission/intimation. (Batch can be rescheduled with permission of management).
2. Failure to pay the required fee in accordance with the respective course
3. Violation of rules and regulations of our institute in any form
4. Training Basket reserves the rights to cancel the admission(if required) anytime without giving any prior intimation or reason.
5. A student going on a break (i.e prolonged absence from the course) without informing and without fulfilling the requisite procedure is considered as a dropout case and that may lead to the loss of his/her candidature. Such students can be allowed to continue their courses with the permission of management of Training Basket
6. Shifting from one batch to another is termed as transfer. This transfer will be initiated by our management team after they receive the request from the candidate.
7. A break/transfer for a course is only permitted after the student pay full course fee. If a student does not pay the same, a re-admission fee of 10% of course value shall be charged.
8. An application for a break or transfer has to be submitted by the student to his/her respective program coordinator. Approval for a break or transfer is in the hands of the management and is based on necessity or urgency of the case. In the event of transfer, a suitable batch, based upon the availability of seats, will be allotted to the student. Management can reject the request if not found valid enough for the transfer. The decision will be final and no request will be entertained further.
9. The duration of a break between the courses can be maximum of 2 months and only one break will be allowed for the course.
10. During the period when a student is on break, changes in course structure, up-gradation or dropping of a course might occur. In this situation student needs to either cancel his/her admission or admit into an alternative course by paying the difference in course fee. Fee refunds will not be made in such cases and Training Basket will not own responsibility of the same.
11. In the event of student taking of a break, on his/her re-joining, if the course fee* has been raised, the student has to pay the difference of the fee*.

100% Job Guarantee Terms and Conditions:
1. You must have good theoretical and practical knowledge of the course enrolled and pass all our assessment tests with a minimum of 75% marks.
2. You must maintain the attendance record of minimum 80% in Theory Batches, 80% in PD Batches and 80% in Assignment/Practical Batches for the entire course.
3. You have to pay full course fee, as per your installment plan.

If you fulfil above Terms and Conditions:

We give you guarantee that you will get starting salary package ranging from 2.5 to 3 Lacs per annum without passing any CCNA, MCSA & CCNP Exam or 3.5 to 6 Lacks per annum after passing CCNA, MCSA & CCNP Global Exam, after successful completion of training and interview process of the company.
There’s no limit on number of interviews you can face through us, if you abide the terms and conditions mentioned above. Upon taking admission, you agree and understand that your job 100% depends upon your knowledge. Its our responsibility to train you well and help you to conduct multiple interviews to get placed in a good company at committed salary package, but you also understand that its your responsibility to study hard, improve your technical and communication skills to be able to clear the interviews. We can take you to the interview tables, but going ahead than that will be totally based on your learnings and knowledge and preparation of interview.

By writing these terms and conditions here, we want to discourage those students who are just dreaming to get placement after their course, without studying. We don’t want those students to take admission with us and spoil our placement record and success rate. We want only serious candidates to enroll for the course. If you want to take admission in any job guarantee course at Training Basket, be prepared for a rigorous training, knowledge based learning, live practical based understanding and in-depth study of the subject. There will be regular assessment tests for the candidates in their respective subjects. If any student constantly fails in the tests, then the management will not be responsible for providing guaranteed jobs.

The team of trainers are here to help each student. If any students finds it difficult to understand any particular topic, he/she needs to approach the instructor for the same to get required guidance on the particular topic. Carelessness/negligence in these areas from the student will lead to lack of understanding which will further hamper his/her placement. Kindly make sure that all your subject related doubts are cleared during the session.

Note- * This is not applicable to the students who upgraded their course.

Last Updated on 5th Dec, 2017.